What Does G Stand For In Physics

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 What Does G Stand For

Usually, the letter G in physics stands for the gravitational constant. The term was originally presented in Newton's idea of how gravity works universally. Gravitational Constant is also known as Newton's Constant or universal gravitational constant. Either way, you want to say it is a physical constant involved in the calculation of gravitational effects.

G was measured by Cavendish to have the value of 6.673*10^(-11)  Newtons of meters^2/kilogram^2. Which is not only used in Newton’s law of gravitation but and also in Einstein 's theory of relativity as well.

G is also used in the formula F = G*M*m/r^2. 

    Both m and M are masses of two bodies interacting gravitationally.

    r is the separation of their centers of mass.

    F is the force of gravitational attraction between them.

G can also represent local or global gravitational field. Which represents the force of gravity per unit mass acting on an object.

    Gravitational field = 10 N/kg (Near Earth) either local or globally average

G may also represent free-fall acceleration or acceleration of gravity.

Free-Fall Accleration = 10 m/s2 (On Earth )

G refers to the metric prefix Giga as well.  Such as in GHz for GigaHertz. Where Giga represents one billion.

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