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What is Quantum Physics? How does it differ from Newtonian Physics?

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Whats The Difference Between Quantum Physics And Newtonian Physics?

You may be wondering what quantum physics is and how it differs from Newtonian physics? This may be a really board summary, however, this should provide you with a clear understanding of quantum physics is and its relationship to Newtonian Physics. 

Quick Explanation of Quantum Physics

Quantum physics or quantum mechanics depicts how things behave on an extremely tiny scale such as with atoms or subatomic particles. The primary idea behind quantum physics is that there are things that we ordinarily consider to be particles that in certain situations act like they're really waves. This goes the other way around as well. Some things that we normally think of as waves sometimes act like they are particles. For example, we usually think of electrons as particles. And we usually think of light as being a wave. Often times they do act just as you may think. However, situations do exist where the opposite is true of both. This idea is referred to as wave-particle duality.

What Makes Newtonian Physics different from Quantum?

Newtonian physics is the science of that which is anything larger than subatomic. It's essentially how physical reality works. So it's things equivalent to atoms and molecules. But the key difference is the extremely precise set of results you get with Newtonian Physics.

Newton displayed this with his billiard ball analysis. If you hit a billiard ball and it hits another billiard ball there's a result that happens.  At the quantum level, there's something referred to as potentiality. Where things happen at a level of potentiality. What this all means is there's always more than one result waiting to happen in a whole array of potentials that may possibly happen. Therefore nothing is definite.

Quantum Mechanics Real World Example

You may be asking how does this apply to the real world? Werner Heisenberg a renown theoretical physicist gave us an excellent example of this. Heisenberg said when we observe something both the observer and the observed change. This is why psychology is so nice because when you begin observing your history. Both you and your history will no longer be the same. You get to alter everything by the means that you simply examine it. Once we investigate something we modify both it and ourselves. Understanding how that works as well as its impact is how intention works.

Dean Radin's Mind-Blowing Quantum Mechanics Experiment

Dean Radin an outstanding scientist with Noetic Sciences did some marvelous research with random event generators. He did this to point out how our intentions have an effect on random events. Logic deceitfully tells us random events ought to play out like flipping a coin. Radin, however, was able to show there's a huge change once our intention is locked on to a selected outcome. For one experiment on the topic, Radin established a program that would generate random pictures. Radin got volunteers for this experiment and wired them up. He wired their respiratory, heart, skin conductivity, and so on. Then proceeded to show them random pictures. A number of the images were exciting images. Some of them were erotic images. A number of them were fearful images. Every image was set to induce an emotional response.

Radin would then show the volunteers these images at random showing them the images and measuring the body's responses to those images. And as you would expect the body responded accordingly. The volunteers would begin to sweat if it had been an exciting or nerve-racking scenario. The heartbeats would change the respiratory would change. All the things you'd usually expect. Radin's team went into the research a bit deeper and began to examine the timeline. This is when they discovered something utterly amazing. The volunteer's bodies responded more or less one-tenth of a second prior to the image. Before the image showed up the body knew. Dean Radin had the first analysis to point out that we know before we know. He said it appears that we send out a quantum wave to meet our own future. What we think really does have an impact on reality. Our mind acts as a filtering mechanism and slows information down so we are able to comprehend it. It's filtering out all types of information or else we'd feel utterly swamped with the constant bombardment of information. Absolutely amazing right?!!

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